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The materials handling business Doosan is a major producer of machines, with over 100 forklift units made at numerous Doosan factories. Doosan is the oldest business organization in Korea. Models comprise engine and electric forklift trucks, and reach trucks. The Doosan name is associated with top class equipment, providing operator comfort, convenience, reliability and performance. Doosan also manufactures environmentally friendly models that feature less vibration and noise and reduced gas emission.

Korea's Oldest Enterprise
Doosan has been around for 115 years, beginning in the year 1896 when it was famous as Park Seung-jik Store, the first modern retail store in Korea. For more than a century it has continued to grow and change with the times. Doosan's history of innovation and change has ensured its position as a global ISB powerhouse.

The Infracore division of Doosan is a leader in the manufacturing of construction machines. Doosan Infracore is a top quality machine manufacturer in the areas of compact machines, engines, machine tools, attachments and utility. Through quality enhancements and continuous technology, the company leads Doosan's ISB segment, strengthening market position and Doosan's overall product competitiveness. Doosan Infracore operates a broad international business network which includes a global dealer organization network. Situated in various locations all around the world are local sales subsidiaries, branches, parts centers and technical centers. The company's factories within some European countries, Korea, as well as in the United States and China manufacture a wide range of machine tools and construction equipment for a broad base of local customers. Within China, the whole excavator sales total of the company remains the highest within the business. We are the company of choice to fill Korean demand for machine tools and excavators.

Doosan continues to engage in global expansion with top-notch services, enhanced technologies production and quality products. Doosan's overall customer satisfaction has helped the corporation increase its overall global market share. We are at the forefront of the US market for compact construction equipment. We continue to grow our share of the heavy-duty construction equipment industry within the US.

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