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Richmond Forklift Parts - Richmond city is a beautiful coastal city located within the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. The community is considered to be part of Metro Vancouver. Richmond is bordered by the cities of Vancouver and Burnaby to the north, Delta to the south and New Westminster to the east. The Strait of Georgia forms Richmond's western border.

Richmond city is home to the Vancouver International Airport. The airport is situated on Sea Island. The city of Richmond is made up of most of the islands within the Fraser River delta. Lulu Island is the biggest and most inhabited island. Sea Island, home of Vancouver International Airport is actually the second biggest island. In addition, there are thirteen smaller islands which make up Richmond's 129.66 square kilometers of land area. The quaint fishing village of Steveston is likewise included in Richmond city and it is situated in Richmond's far southwest corner. The Richmond Olympic Oval was constructed nearby and was amongst the location used for speed-skating events in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Because of the fact that all of Richmond's land area occupies islands within a river delta, Richmond city is full of rich and alluvial soil perfect for agriculture. In fact, the area was among the very first sites in B.C. to be farmed in 19th century by people from Europe.

The geographic location of Richmond brings with it several concerns. Since all of the land averages only one meter above sea level, it is prone to flooding, specially in high tide. In order to deal with this condition, all of the major islands are currently surrounded by a system of dykes. These dykes serve to protect the city from anticipated flooding, however, they are not as massive as the levees of New Orleans or those found in the Netherlands. If there ever is a big earthquake in the vicinity, there is a chance that the dykes can break. This will cause the alluvial soil to potentially liquefy that will result in extensive damage.

The area surrounding the city of Richmond is also at risk of experiencing a major flood, is by chance the Fraser River has an unusually high spring freshet. Running along the tops of many of the cities dykes, there are various recreational trails and bird sanctuaries These flat, broad dirt roads make ideal places for people who jog, families to walk with strollers and young kids as well as the perfect location for individuals who walk their dogs. Richmond supports roughly 1400 acres of parkland.

The city supports about 100,000 jobs in various areas consisting of retail, tourism, airport services and aviation, light manufacturing, fishing, government and agriculture. Richmond is also a leading location in the region for high-technology companies. These companies consist of MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates and the Nintendo Corporation of Canada.

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