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Forklift Parts Terrace - The city of Terrace within Northern BC, is considered to be the oldest constantly occupied part of the world. The area was populated long before the people from Europe settled within the region, by the Kitsumkalum and the Kitselas peoples. These groups make up a couple of the Tsimshian tribes within the Terrace area. There traditional economies included mostly of trade, fishing, and hunting. The riverboats which before operated for 22 years in the region came to a stop and was replaced by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. At first, it was known as "Littleton" in honor of George Little, who donated 47 acres to the Grand Pacific Railway. Nevertheless, ever since there was already a Littleton in New Brunswick, the name was changed to "Terrace" in reference to its geography.

There are numerous attractions and events for visitors and residents to take pleasure in. The Skeena Valley Farmer's Market operates from the months of May to October at the George Little Memorial Park. George Little House is two-story heritage home of the founder of Terrace: George Little. It is really easy to see in downtown Terrace, and many are encouraged to visit the place. The house also includes a small gift shop which features local artists. The house likewise operates as the VIA Rail Station. The Greater Terrace Beautification Society is a group of local volunteers who are dedicated to making the Terrace area more charming. The Society meets every first Monday of each month. The Heritage Park Museum is operated by the Terrace and District Museum Society and considered a Municipal Heritage Site. The REM Lee Theatre is the largest performing arts venue within the city of Terrace. The Terrace Art Gallery is a non-profit and public facility that is dedicated to the promotion of the community's visual arts for the past 25 years. The Terrace Public Library is free for all the residents of Terrace, Rosswood, Thornhill, New Remo, Copperside, Old Remo, Usk, Jackpine Flats, and all the Chimdemash communities in the east.

The city has been called the "Cedar Pole Capital of the World," with over 50,000 poles made here. These poles are utilized for telephone and electric power poles throughout numerous parts of North America. The tallest poles made here could be seen in the city of New York. In modern times, the economy, who solely depended on logging and large businesses have become a lot more diversified. It is currently more independent and separate from big companies and industries, and it boasts of a balanced economy that can face whatever kind of economic cycle downturn efficiently.

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